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A Few of Improv.pl's Players (Chilly, Amrutha, and Anna)

Our Next Show: Improv Comedy in English

Thursday, October 11th 2018 at N44 in Warsaw, Poland

Starts: 8pm

The Show

Grab a drink, sit down, stand up, shout suggestions, and in general have a laugh. You'll watch our team perform totally without a script and only a few seconds to dive into a never-before-seen experience. It's all based on audience suggestions, and the dynamic between performers on stage. Though this show is 100% improvised, it doesn't mean that we didn't prepare. Improvisation is a skill that must be carefully polished and practiced. We've done over 200 shows in cities across Poland since 2013. Support your English-speaking culture by attending our show.

The Venue

N44 - Nowy Swiat 44 in Warsaw, Poland

Located above a restaurant, in the heart of Warsaw's tourism district, N44, is sure to delight and enchant you with it's ambiance and amazing selection of drinks and food. Seating for up to 90 guests. This will be Improv.pl's first performance at this venue.


Tickets can be purchased at the door. Admission is just 20pln per person.

The Improv.pl Organization

Our team has representatives from Brazil, the United States, Canada, India, Ukraine, New Zealand, and Poland.




Co-Founder/IT Guy/Player






Social Media Expert/Player







Each of us contributes in an important way, making Improv.pl a dynamic, efficient, and powerful force on the European comedy scene today.

Stuff We Do

Entertainment, Education, Training

Live Shows

Our regular 2-hour shows have drawn crowds of up to 90 people since 2013. We combine fast-paced shortform Improv with our own style and appraoch to comedy. A truly entertaining delight, you'll return to for years.


Want to learn the basics of Improv comedy from our experienced trainers? We'll take you from the most basic principles to performing your own scenes and hosting your own show. Every workshop series lasts 6-8 weeks.

Corporate Events

Spice up your company holiday party, or provide your team with softskills training using principles of Improv, let us know. We will cater to your needs be developing a custom event/workshop/or solution.

Our History in a Nutshell

"Everything starts somewhere..."

  • January 8th 2011

    Improv.pl is registered

    On this day Marcin Kraszewski decides to register the domain 'Improv.pl' in the hope that he'll eventually figure out what to do with it.

  • January 21st 2012

    A Free Improv Workshop

    Marcin Kraszewski publishes an ad on a popular Warsaw Expat group advertising "Acting Workshops: Improvisation for the stage (English)". Of the people attending that day, two would end up joining as the first members. One of them, Anna, would join with Martin as the first co-founder, helping to lay the groundwork for the next phases.

  • April 29th 2013

    Ravi Kumar & Niespodzianka Cafe

    Through a mutual contact, Ravi Kumar sends Marcin Kraszewski a message on Facebook inviting him to join him and some of his friends from University for an English Improv Jam. After this event, Martin asks Ravi to 'join forces' under the Improv.pl brand. They decide to call the event Improv Sundays, and hold it every week without fail for a year.

  • May 25th 2015

    100th Improv Sundays Show

    Exactly 756 days after that first event at Niespodzianka, Improv.pl celebrates it's 100th show. That means that the team has on this date performed nearly 1 2-hour show EVERY week for 2 years straight!

  • 2018...

    A New Era

    Having performed over 200 shows since 2013, the group (counting among it's members people from 5 continents) launches a new web site, takes control of their disparte Social Media accounts, and begins cooperating with Warsaw's N44 club on an extended basis. This will come to be known as the Golden Era of Improv.pl...

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